The information below are provisions that Pete Antico

will fight for once elected President of SAG-AFTRA.

  • Create a National Background Minimum wage: In NY the BG minimum is $162; this minimum should be paid to every union BG actors across the country.
  • Increase the Background Zones in right-to-work states as well as in the jurisdictions where union is covered. I will travel to Atlanta, New Orleans, and any other right-to-work state and assist the BG in petitioning the NLRB to increase union coverage.
  • Increase in the car check from the current $37.50/day to $125/day
    • This allowance was $35 in 1979. It has only created $2.50 over 37 years. 

  It seems that time forgot the rate of inflation…but I didn’t!

  • Demand a National Board seat for the background performers
  • Re-design iActor to be a function casting portal much like Actors Access.
    • All union performers should be able to submit themselves to all union shows in whatever region you live free of charge.
  • No more “Crew only food.” If the crew eats first when you’re on a 10-minute break you’ll have to wait 30 minutes to access “BG food”, so essentially you don’t eat… There should be no discrimination.
  • BG should get the preliminary Call Sheet just as the crew does, as opposed to waiting until 11PM to be told you have a 6AM call time.
    • BG should be notified by PM if they are “released” from a particular show so they can seek opportunities of work on other shows.
  • At the last National Board Meeting, the Unite for Strength political party headed by current SAG-AFTRA interim president, Gabrielle Cateris, VOTED DOWN a National Board seat for Background Artists by 80%.  This evidences that the current leadership does not support background artists. I urge you to vote out all Unite for Strength members as they clearly are not looking out for your interests.