The only way to protect your best interests to get educated. The reason our dues money is spent without oversight with over 17 million dollars wasted on renting empty office space to include 1 million in undeserved staff raises and unneeded new furniture is the membership is kept in the dark. SAG-AFTRA spent 88k on coffee, 66k on SAG-AFTRA pins and 670k on parking while the member services and contract enforcement are abysmal. 25% of staff earn between 100 and 700k yearly with over double the pension benefit of the members. If the leaderships actions were honest we would be informed of all of the business practices taking place in our union. If we knew we would never condone such negligent financial practices. This is a member run union and it's about time the members take it back from the control of the staff. Sign up to my blog for the truth with data to back it up. The finance I refer to in this letter is evidenced on my fact under Pete Antico breaks down the current SAG-AFTRA LM2. The LM2 is the legal year end financial report prepared by sag AFTRA by law and can be found on the department of labors website. Our secretary treasurer signed them:

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