SAG-AFTRA must honor the contract terms and conditions in the collective bargaining agreement. Our contract enforcement has not been productive and many believe reached its lowest level under the leadership of David White, Gabriel Carteris and the Unite for Strength political party. Mr White (A Rhodes Scholar) and a labor lawyer should be initiating legal remedies to protect us. Both Universal and Paramount Studios are violating travel language to include portal to portal, paid travel days and the producers base language in our collective bargaining agreement. I believe 7 years of sub par enforcement to include poor member services is long enough. UFS approved over 1 million dollars in raises for Executive Staff for a gross lack of performance exemplified by the wasting of 16 million dollars of our dues money renting empty office space in NYC in addition to spending 5.2 million dollars in rent at 5757 Wilshire in addition to wasting another 500k remodeling the Cagney Room in a building SAG-AFTRA does not own. All of this negligent spending should have gone to benefit membership services, i.e. the hiring of more business reps, attorneys and auditors to protect and attain our residuals. When is the last time a claim has been addressed in a timely fashion? Does your phone call get returned in a timely fashion? SAG-AFTRA's current business model exists for the benefit of Staff and to the detriment of the performer. The staff, undeservedly has over double our pension cap (210k) and can retire with a full pension at age 55 when the performer must work an additional 10 years. Any staff member who earned 100k for 5 consecutive years at age 55 can retire with a better pension than Tom Cruise and he earned hundreds of millions. I believe all performers’ pension terms and conditions should be the same as the employees. As President I would like to make this a priority. Our P & H plans have been embezzled because of the poor fiscal over-site and the blatant refusal to demand forensic audits by Gabriel Carteris, David White and the UFS political party. The embezzlement's and the misappropriating that took place over the last 8 years evidence the fact that no qualified audit was ever performed. I am being kind when I say that behavior is Fiscally irresponsible. Do you think the current leadership is looking out for the best interest of all performers? You be the judge. 


Pete Antico