Ever wonder where your dues money goes?

  • Staff Salaries $45,000,000 with over double the pension benefits of members

  • Nationwide Rent $12,332,591 (Los Angeles $5,170,593) (NY $6,169,886)

  • SAG-AFTRA Awards $4,712,299 (Executive Producer Salary $257,841)

  • Non Itemized Transactions $3,113,375

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Office Postage $1,599,223

  • Copier Machine Rental Nationwide $854,623

  • Los Angeles Office Parking $687,233

  • Los Angeles Security $680,468

  • Atlanta Office Telephone Bill $410,868

  • CA Transportation – Limos, Etc. $105,321

  • Los Angeles Coffee Service $88,793

  • Los Angeles Office Cleaning Crew $61,198

  • Michigan Office Promotional $53,121

  • Gabrielle Carteris Expenses $43,337

    Go to the following link for a full breakdown of the LM2 report. You better be sitting down.

    Link to a detailed breakdown of SAG-AFTRA’s expenses

    If you voted on the contract, please go to the following link so we can audit the vote.

    If you don’t like what’s happening, you can make a change but to do so, you must vote. You must mail your ballot by Tuesday 8/22/17 if you want your vote to get in by the deadline. You do not need to vote for anything more than for the Presidency. Please Go Get Your Ballot And Vote For Pete Antico for SAG-AFTRA National President, and Do It Now!