SAG-AFTRA Presidential Candidate Pete Antico explains in the following video:

This Is The Most Important Election Of Your Career:

Time is running out. Even if you only vote for the National President, your vote counts. If you have never voted before, now is the time to start. You need to carefully consider whom you will be voting for as the next SAG-AFTRA President, and Pete Antico is the only candidate with a proven track record over the years of fighting for the members. Please vote for Pete Antico for SAG-AFTRA National President, and don’t delay, do it right now and put your ballot in the mail. To learn more, please go to and click on the Fact Page.

The Following Actors Endorse Pete Antico:

Sylvester Stallone, Cuba Gooding, Mickey Rourke, Danny Aiello, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Ray Stevenson, Thomas Jane, Michael Madsen, Russell Peters, Louis Herthum, Michael Jai White, Ron Yuan, Zoe Bell, Vincent Pastore, Frankie Vincent, Bruce Payne, Dean Winters, James Russo, Alex Skuby, Joe Cortese, Jeff Fahey, Costas Mandylor, Nicky Whelan, Chuck Zito, Pauly Herman, Sean Stone, Jonathon Shaw, Morgan Brittany, Gary Stretch, Michael Woods, Peter Dobson.

Sylvester Stallone Endorses Pete Antico:

Pete Antico addresses the Background Performers issues:

Pete Antico’s vision going forward:

Pete Antico had an analysis performed on and takes the spin out of Gabrielle Carteris most recent letter she sent to the membership:

The most recent contract ratification vote was done electronically for the first time in the Guilds history:

If you voted for the recent contract ratification, please go to the following link and verify how you voted, so we can make sure that it was a fair count of the vote. If you did not receive a voting card from SAG-AFTRA please check the box found on the website:

Unite 4 Strength and the current leadership spent over $250,000 in Memberships Funds and used SAG-AFTRAs marketing staff to convince us to vote “yes” on one of the worst contracts in the history of the guild:

The current leadership did not give you all the facts. They failed to include an opposing viewpoint in the information they sent out, thereby withholding critical information necessary to make an educated decision. It is a deceptive practice to boast about gains in an agreement when the liabilities of that same agreement are withheld. If someone sold you what appeared to be a great house, but neglected to tell you the foundation was broken, wouldn’t you feel defrauded? The truth is, that this contract generated losses that could bankrupt our pension plan in the not too distant future. If the opposing members had a $250,000 budget and a publicity staff this contract would have been voted down. It’s not surprising to me that the staff helped to sell this contract, it seems they are the only ones who benefit by it.

Gabrielle Carteris’ actions demonstrate a failed leader:

Gabrielle Carteris was appointed President by about 42 members of her political party on the national board and was never voted into office by the membership. She has refused to debate any of the opposing candidates, and she has no evidence to back up any of her claims. If she were to debate me, (she refused) she would be exposed for the failed business practices outlined in the video here:

Gabrielle Carteris and her political party lay claim to establishing the 1.55-billion-dollar tax credit in California:

The truth is, that Major Garcetti worked with the Governor to put this tax credit in place, and no evidence has ever been presented by Unite For Strength or Gabrielle Carteris to prove otherwise.

Unite 4 Strength states they are responsible for over 1 Billion in increased earnings:

This is simply not true, as inflation is not factored into this equation, nor is the New Media contract and residual losses, which we have incurred over the last 4 contract negotiations. This information can be found on my fact page under: “Your contracts have been sold out”.

Unite 4 Strength lists the merged union as an achievement:

The facts point to no economic gains, weaker negotiating power, codified split earnings, higher health care premiums and a close to insolvent pension. If we were thriving, our pension and health plans would be much better funded, and this would be an effect of better contract terms and conditions. The more money performers earn, the more contributions come in. Have our residuals gotten better or worse since the merger?

Failed Merger:

According to an audit by PWC, the Unite 4 Strength leadership and David White merged SAG-AFTRA with a near Bankrupt AFTRA. They misled us by not telling us that AFTRA had an extra 11,000 dues paying members that actually did not exist.   Proper financial due diligence should have been performed and  this information should have been explained to the membership, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure. Would anyone vote up a merger if this information had been disclosed? This is further evidence of the deceptive actions and business practices under the current leadership. We need honest leadership.

Gabrielle Carteris says we have a financially stable and thriving union when the economic facts paint a completely different picture:

  • Our Pension has had 3 embezzlements that she refused to forensically audit, and our healthcare premiums continue to skyrocket. There was 1 additional embezzlement in SAG’s residual trust fund. No forensic audit was performed.
  •  Our contracts have been gutted, and the service at SAG-AFTRA is abysmal.
  • Her negotiating team forgave millions in valid travel claims stealing money out of members pockets.
  • Gabrielle/UFS seem to have little regard for human life insofar the safety provisions namely “Rest Periods” were destroyed when her negotiating team gave away travel provisions we have had in our collective bargaining agreement for over 50 years. (See the evidence on my fact page under “SAG-AFTRA perdiem language” & “portal to portal contract deception”

The Only People In SAG-AFTRA That Are Thriving Is The Staff:

The staff has over double the pension benefit than the actors that gave it to them. As president, I will restore parity and make members pension plan equal to the staffs.


Vote all Unite 4 Strength members out of office, and vote in ethical, honest leadership.

It cost me thousands of dollars to email to the membership and I believe it is unethical for candidates to pay to get their message out.

Peter Antico/Producer/Writer/Creator